Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What is the BEST night light

When I was young I had a rubberised bunny rabbit on my bedside to ward off whatever I was scared of during the night.

To be honest , I don't remember using him for I was too young. But I have seen him when I was old enough to remember.
He used to use a standard light bulb. The kind hanging from your ceiling right now.
The reason that I have seen after being too young to remember is that my mother kept him as a reminder.
Not as a reminder of years gone by, but as a reminder of how dangerous things were back then.
You see, the high temperature of the globe contained within the rubberised body of the bunny, melted him.

So much so that he has a big blackened hole where he melted.

Thank fully we now have LED technology. There are still several nigh light manufactures that use light globes.  These can heat and cause problems, however night lights such as giimmo use LED's which give off no heat.

The last thing you want is for your child to burn themselves, or worse still a fire caused by a heating element.

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